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      Protecting Yourself While Online Dating

      Dating can be a minefield, as anyone will tell you. But with the increasing popularity of online dating, that minefield is less of a figure of speech and more of an actual threat to you.   Do They Want You, or Your Credit Card? When our heartstrings are pulled we want...

      5 Ways To Spot A Catfishing Scam

      The term "catfishing" has been slang for getting caught in certain types of Internet scams since around the year 2010. Specifically, getting catfished is when you get taken in by a scammer who is pretending to be someone else online (typically someone trying to get...

      Reconnected with Estranged Friends & Family

      The decision to seek out a family member or friend from your past is weighty and trying but there are ways to manage the stress and ease your fears about beginning the search.   Whether you have estate goods to distribute or personal reasons for reaching out to a...

      3 Advantages of Employment Background Checks

      Hiring someone on is a risk business owners take every day. On the one hand, it's possible that person sitting across the desk from you is going to be the best manager you've ever seen in the next few years. On the other hand, they might be the sort of employee you...

      Social Media, Employee Misconduct & Investigations

      The explosion of social media in the last 5 to 10 years and continued advancement of the internet, satellite, home and business security (CCTV), motor vehicle, and mobile phone technology has meant that the investigation industry has had to innovate and adapt to these...

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