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Bug Sweeping & Hidden Camera Detection

What We Do

One of the major disadvantages of modern technology and scientific insights is the violation of human privacy. Electronic eavesdropping gives unwarranted access to information through many ways and jeopardizes the personal or business security of the unsuspecting victims.

You could be a victim of illegal audio or video recording!

hidden devices are being made smaller, less expensive and easier than ever and obtained off the Internet. Hidden Cameras can be found in alarm clocks, outlets, USB drives, smoke detectors & much, much more.

Adelaide Private Investigators offer bug and hidden camera detection services. Our technicians are experienced in both the electronic and physical investigations to determine if there are any hidden devices or transmitters in your home, office, phone, computer or vehicle. Our investigations can provide you with the peace of mind that you need in times where you might be suspicious of hidden cameras or listening devices. We use our highly sophisticated devices to do bug sweeps and can revealed even the most high tech hidden devices.

We have years of experience in the business of tracking bugs and hidden cameras. Adelaide Private investigators have a crew with global experience and have been exposed to all of the latest strategies which might be used against you. Our team of local private investigators are you best chance to ensure your security and privacy.

As bug technology evolves, Adelaide Private Investigators change with it. We use the latest from T-Berd, Oscor, CMA/CPM/OSC, Scanlock, Orion, RF Hawk, Talan, Harmonic, Microlabs, and Tektronix, among others to discover hidden surveillance equipment cameras.

For your guaranteed security

  • We use the best Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) equipment and training in the world to clean your business or home.
  • We detect traditional eavesdropping devices. And, we also detect eavesdropping devices that use bluetooth, wi-fi or the cellular network to forward your sensitive information to an eavesdropper.
  • We address vulnerabilities with bluetooth, wi-fi and cellular networks that can be exploited for eavesdropping purposes.
  • Adelaide anti-bugs include both traditional TSCM and Cyber TSCM. So, our services are comprehensive. Our home bug sweeps address the complex eavesdropping detection threat and vulnerabilities landscape of our “connected” world.
  • We equip your meeting rooms to be able to electronically jam, and black out any future interception
  • We make your home, business clean
  • We clear vehicles of eavesdropping and tracking
  • And restores your privacy in the use of your phones and other gadgets

Our residential bug sweep services begin with a technical threat assessment. Then, we perform a physical search. And, next a scientific signal analysis using a variety of laboratory grade instrumentation. Eavesdropping devices are then located. As well, identified eavesdropping vulnerabilities are addressed, and recommendations are shared with the client. Finally, we provide a PDF report detailing the services performed, our findings and our recommendations to help protect your privacy. Adelaide Private Investigators are the experienced direct link you need during a time that you are most vulnerable. Come to the Company that the industry and the public call when they need professional services.

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