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The environment and community we live in have a lot of risks that increase with every second. It is important that we protect our children from all of these societal risks. Child protection aims at keeping children safe from household conflicts, global pandemic, violence, exploitation, the risk of abuse which could be in for form of sexual abuse, physical abuse or emotional abuse and so much more. It is important that our communities and authorities take it up as a responsibility to ensure the protection of children. Children suffering from lack of protection often encounter serious problems. This post will cover some of the problems and  why it is important to protect our children.

Child labour is very common in poor and developing countries, children are suffered and forced to work and earn a daily living. Child labor can alter the physical and social life of a child and it can even impair the education and future of a child. Meanwhile, this is not helping our communities.

The rate of child abuse all over the world is alarming. Children are abused or taken advantage of by people who can overpower them. Some children are harassed, battered and assaulted due to lack of genuine. Another form of abuse is molestation, this is the case of an adult engaging a child in sexual activities for their own satisfaction. People who do this are called pedophiles.

It is important for the society to rise and protect children from indecent exposure and help with child grooming. Child protection is important in our communities to safeguard and protect the future of our children.

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Child Protection & PI’s


Private investigators have an important role to play in child protection. They have keen eyes, excellent observation skills and analytical minds in helping a child get  and stay protected. They can easily detect through their surveillance and background checks if a child is in need of help and report any ill case to the appropriate authority. Private investigators can seek out their help to aide with the following;

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  • Giving every child the opportunity to grow up in a family. To enjoy family love can contribute to a child’s mental and psychological development, it helps a child understand how to live in peace with people and learn proper etiquette that is needed to thrive in the world.
  • All children are protected from any form of abuse and violence. Authorities and families should rise and ensure the safety of all children from child marriage, genital mutilation and other harmful risks in their relevant socio-environments.
  • Registering a child’s birth is vitally important as it protects a child from the risk of abuse and exploitation. Every child has the right to a name, nationality, and identity details. Birth registration ensures that children are served their rights to education, legal services, healthcare services and social services.
  • Protect children from the risk of sexual abuse and exploitation at home, in school and the community at large. Child protection involves taking preventive measures towards abuse and exploitation of children, and, for every child that is being abused.
  • Protecting children from the ill and wicked people in the society. Where there is a weak link in the safety net of protection for children, it opens up to societal harms like children trafficking. The civil society, government, and families need to rise to protect children from trafficking and also help children who have been victimized by reintegrating them with their families and to their communities.
  • Child incarceration, to deprive children of their right to liberty is not only bad but it can also give them up for some psychological trauma. Child protection ensures supervising children on legal orders and taking matters before the children’s court if the child’s safety is threatened.
  • Child protection oversees a child support system that includes income support, social and welfare services that can help keep families in unison, children in school and play an active role in making them become responsible and active citizens.

Children are to be protected from harm, abuse, and neglect. It is important for every member of the society and authorities to watch out and take child protection as a vital integral part of our society.Private investigators are skilled at detecting children with cases of neglect, abuse, and all other malicious situations that a child needs to be protected from. Early intervention can stop an initial effect of abuse and can reduce a long-term effect if abuse and promote the recuperation process of the victimised children.

Authorities aren’t they only people who hire private investigators to to help with the efforts of gathering evidence for child protection. Most commonly, mothers and father’s who are at war within a custody battle will hire a private investigator to make sure their children are safe and aren’t being neglected or abused in the care of the other parent. Some of their other clients they employ the aide of private investigator include family members, neighbours, community residents and even parents of the children’s friends’. They are specific legislative requirements that come into play when it comes to investigating, or conducting surveillance involving children. Make sure your private investigator can explain these requirements to you.



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