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Competitive Intelligence

Do you have a lawn care, tree trimming, house painting or other service related type of business and feel that you are at a disadvantage to other like businesses in the area and feel that you are not getting your share of the pie? Then perhaps you could benefit from our Competitive Intelligence Services

What Our Competitive Intelligence Service Is and
What We Can Provide

Basically our Competitive Intelligence Service is a service that gathers information on your competitors (even following them around to discover the customers/clients they serve.) So that you can devise a plan to make your services more competitive by giving something like better rates, extras or discounts. Here is some of the information that we can provide you:

  • A list of your competitors customers and the specific services they provide to each customer.
  • Rates they charge for their services
  • Extras of discounts the competitor provides
  • Types of advertising they engage in
  • Any negative reviews that you competitor has received

How This Information Can Help You

The information we gather through our Competitive intelligence services here at Infoquest can help you to get more clients and help your business to grow. You can do this in a number of different ways:

You Can Target Dissatisfied Customers

By knowing who your competitor’s dissatisfied customers are and what they did not like about your competitors services you can target them by offering the kind of services they are looking for. Whether that is better rates, offering an additional service that your competitors don’t or simply being able to provide an all round better service.

Determine What Portion of the Population Your Competitors are not Servicing

Perhaps your competitors are offering fixed rates and therefore are missing out on servicing retirees who are on a fixed income and not able to pay the rates your competitor is charging. You can target this segment of the population offering discounts to those over a certain age.

Adjust Your Rates

By knowing what your competitors charge for their services you will be able to determine if the rates you are charging are competitive and if not you can adjust your rates to make yourself more competitive and gain more clients through those more better rates.

Include More in Your Services

By knowing exactly what services your competitors provide you may be able to find something you can include in your services that your competitors don’t provide and that potential customers may want. For example, if both you and competitors offer high quality lawn care, you might include a small service such as wedding the cracks in their side walk and sweeping off their driveway as part of your service so your customers feel as though they are getting more bang for their buck.

Find New Places to Advertise

Knowing where and how your competitors advertise their services will help you to find new places and ways to advertise that your competition has not thought of, bringing in clients that may be completely unaware of the services your competition offers.

Knowing as much as possible about your competition will help you to become more competitive and help you to earn more income so your business can thrive and grow.

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