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People from all walks of life hire private investigators, such as an individual looking to learn hidden information about someone (or something), insurance agencies, lawyers, corporations, small business, government and even the police all have reasons to procure the services of a private investigator.
Private investigators are experienced in searching public records and have access to information sources that the general public does not. Many commercial industry related databases are not available to people within an investigation licence. A private investigator can help you in getting the answers your need. Whether the answers you seek are to help you navigate the mine fields of a relationship, protect your business or even give you peace of mind a private investigator will be able to help you.
We will ask you to provide descriptions or a photo (if you have one) of the subject, as well as any known information about their day to day routine. The more initial information you can provide, the less expensive your investigation will be. You shouldn’t have to pay for information your already know and can prove by yourself.
The cost of the investigation depends heavily on the assignment. Our charges will be determined mostly by the amount of time spent on your case and without knowing your specific situation it’s hard to deliver an accurate quote. As a rough guide, surveillance and factual investigations cost approximately $100 per hour, with it coming down to $80 an hour should the investigation go over twenty hours. There are also many fixed price services, such as process serving, some background checks, process serving and online investigations. We have reasonable rates and will always endeavour to work within your budget to get you the results you need. Private investigators will usually require retainer payments before an investigation commences.
Immediately. We have experienced investigators available at all time, so as soon as the retainer payment is confirmed, and you have provided the required starting information we start the investigation. We understand that most investigations are time sensitive, so we work quickly. Very quickly.
Private investigators will protect all client information as we are obligated by state law not to divulge information about our clients to any other party unless ordered as every information, we gather during the investigation is kept strictly confidential. The police are not given access to our clients’ confidential reports and evidence, or any of your personal information. However, you can give your consent for us to release details to the authorities or testify in court if you desire.
We prefer bank deposit to our Australian bank account as there are no fees. We can accept payment via credit card (PayPal), but we will have to pass the fees onto you. Currently they are 3.5%. We also accept Bitcoin should you really need to cover your tracks.
24/7, all day, every day. We have access to the largest network of national and international investigations at all times.
We do guarantee our work, but we cannot always guarantee that the result of an investigation or search will provide you with the information you desire. We guarantee the truth and there are instances where people do not like what they’ve learnt. Our clients are well informed about the progress of an investigation and the need for any additional searches or records.

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