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What is an online honey trap?

Unlike the traditional way of conducting a honey trap (face-to face) an online honey trap is a highly targeted method used to ascertain just how trust worthy your partner may, or may not be. An online honey trap is generally completed in a much quicker time frame and is done so using a much smaller budget. 

A lot of our clients are now opting to conduct an online honey trap investigation instead of the usual method of surveillance as it can quite easily provide the same answers, but much cheaper. We can create online profiles using all of the major social media platforms and all profile creations are targeted specifically towards gaining a response from the subject. When our investigation is complete you will know exactly where you stand. 

Why InfoQuest Private Investigators?

At IQ we respect your privacy. All discussions between you and our team will remain strictly confidential. At the end of our investigation we will provide you and only you with the findings during our investigation. 

We are an internationally operating private investigation company and we have specialised in social media, online and open source investigations for over 15 years. 

Our head office is located in Australia and we follow all of the strict licencing, reporting guidelines and laws no matter which country we conduct our investigation in. 

Our clients who issue us instructions to conduct online honey trap investigations are located world wide. Upon commencement of an investigations you will be ask to answer a serious of questions about the subject. These questions will help us create the perfect dummy profile to target your subject. We get it right the first time, every time. 

Are you ready to have a confidential discussion?

If you’d like us to give you a call simply fill in your details and click ‘send’. 

We’ll have one of our specialist investigators give you a call back within a few hours (any time of the day or night). 

All of our calls will come from a private number, so there’s no risk of anyone tracking your inquiry if they get access to your phone. 

If you need a call back at a specific time when there’s not prying ears then please include it in the submission form. 

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