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We are employed by a variety of families and businesses to produce what we call ‘Intelligence Reports’. These intelligence reports are useful as they are discreet, quickly processed, verify an individual claimed history and provide much more information than a National Police Check.

Most pre-screening checks now include police clearances, but these don’t show the full picture of a candidate. Our Intelligence Reports show court listings and dates (regardless of recorded result), bankruptcy applications listed against a person, judgement details, full social media presence and much more. 

Intelligence Reports are conducted discreetly, and the candidate does not need to know that they even exist. It would be up to you if you wanted to discuss the results of a report with the candidate.

“Intelligence Reports aren’t bound by the limitations of a National Police Check”

We provide Intelligence Report’s for thousands of parents and families for screening purposes when employing a new carer for their home. Most families request national police checks from candidates which is great; however, these don’t show a full and accurate picture of a candidate as they only show recorded convictions within the last few years.

Our Intelligence Reports show all court appearance by a person, so you will see any DUI charges, sex-related charges, drug charges, administration tribunal hearings and much more. These are particularly useful when identifying a pattern of an individual or identifying potential criminal history before an outcome has been recorded.

To show you some of the information that is available you can access our sample report

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