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Investigative location services

Investigative Location Services (Personal Locations)

InfoQuest private investigators are specialized in personal location services. We have specialist investigators that can assist you in locating any person for any legal purpose, such as;

  • Skip Tracing & Debtor Locations
  • Witness Locations
  • Family & Friend Re-connections
  • Beneficiaries
  • Location Court Orders
  • Much more…

Our private investigators are equipped with modern investigations techniques and technology so that they can access current and accurate results for our client. All the data they collect are collected through surveillance, investigative techniques, interviews and global analytical databases.

If you are eager to find a person for a legal purpose, such as your estranged family member, classmate, debtor or missing witness then our Investigative Location Services can help you can find them.

It does not matter whatever the situation is, if you want to locate someone then InfoQuest Private Investigators are here to help you.

What happens if we are unable to locate your subject?

You do not have to pay us a cent unless we perform a successful location! We ask for no upfront fee and only bill you at the end of a job.

No Find, No Fee!

We do not charge you anything at the start our investigation, you are only required to pay if the desired person is located and in which case you will be provided with a full location report.

We will help you find any person for any legal purpose if you are a business, an individual or even a concerned parent.

What sort of Investigative Location services can we provide you assistance with:

  • Tracking down debtors (skip tracing): We will help you with locating debtors and any person who owes you money. We will use all our external and internal resources so that you can get an effective and professional approach in order to get the contact information for the purposes of collecting your debt.
  • Finding beneficiaries to deceased estates: We are able to locate beneficiaries named within wills and other estate orders.
  • Estranged family and friend re-connections: We have many clients who come to us with the hope that they can reconnect with a loved one. Our expertise has resulted in an abundance of reunited relationships.
  • Finding witnesses: Many times, a witness at the scene of an accident or crime will only leave very limited contact details. If the contact details, you have are no longer valid then we can assist you in tracking them down and getting the statement you need for your case.
  • Live Reporting & 24/7 Access: We offer live access and tracking with 24/7 access to all matters. You will have access to our online web portal so that you can track the progress of your investigation whenever you desire.
  • Most matters completed within 14 days: Most of our Investigative Location Services matter are completed within the course of 14 days. There are of course times when this isn’t possible, but you should take comfort in knowing that generally we can have a result for you very quickly.

Bragging Rights! We have a record of 96% Success Rate.

We’re very happy to boast these numbers. We don’t have such a successful track record because we pick and choose our cases. In fact, we take on every matter that is presented to us with a legal purpose. Our success rate of 96% is simply because we are the best at what we do.

There are few cases, in which a long span of time has been passed and there is little hope that you can meet the subject. Even in those cases we can help you find the person. Remember, we will not charge you anything unless we are successful in finding your subject.

Why Investigative Location Services at InfoQuest Private Investigators?

You will get IQ’s private investigators as your dedicated resource. Your private investigator will go to whatever means necessary to help you locate your subject whilst acting discreetly, efficiently and effectively.

IQ’s private investigator will provide you with leading Investigative Location services. They will dedicate their willingness, contacts, resources and time and will get you the information you desire.

You private investigator will conduct an in depth investigation to locate your subject, uncover the contact information and locate their whereabouts. Even if it some suspicious disappearance, we can help.

If you want to locate someone then you should not waste any more time. Contact us now to get a quick consultation.

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