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why infoquest?

We are an Australian based investigations company who pride themselves on integrity, professionalism, discretion and efficiency.
Our staff and contractors have a diverse set of skills and abilities, so whatever the need may be, we can assist.
We are available 24/7 and specialize in factual investigations, surveillance, process serving, investigative location services and background checks.

Factual & Circumstance Investigations

Whether it be for a custody dispute, insurance claim, or anything in between. We have the specialist investigator for the job. If you have your doubts and need to gather the right evidence then you need to have a chat with us. 

Legal Investigations

The plaintiff is about to argue for a million dollar award, but you just received word that liability has turned out contentious and recovery against a manufacturer may be available. You need someone to investigate.

Activity Check & Surveillance

Your son or daughter is attending college or university in Australia and this was always a concern to you. Is she mixing with the wrong crowd? Taking drugs? Want to find out? you need someone to investigate.

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Did you know we have developed an industry leading database which is now available to the public? Our database allows you to search if your children, partner or any other person is using online dating or pornographic websites.
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