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Private Investigator Melbourne

Private investigator Melbourne

IQ is offering private investigations services throughout Melbourne. We have private investigators (also private detectives) to hire in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We are providing our valuable customers with affordable, discreet and professional investigation services.

There are quite a few reasons that organisations and individuals seek Private investigator Melbourne. There are various questions that needs to be answered so IQ is here to find you the answers. We can handle almost all the investigation related things, some of them are:

  • Factual investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Counter surveillance
  • Intelligence reports
  • Missing persons
  • Process serving
  • Risk analysis
  • Background check


We are striving hard to find you the truth in a timely manner, while keeping your budget view that you get the most affordable rate for your own Private investigator Melbourne. We try to learn from the expectations of our clients so that we would be able to get you the top notch investigation services in town. We know clearly that IQ is responsible and answerable to all our clients, so we take care of the fact that frequent communication of the status ought to be delivered to the client from time to time.

We’ve got you covered in all your special and private cases, wherever you are seeking truth, you surely can rely on us.

Private investigator Melbourne for your private case?

Hiring a private investigator is quite effective and discreet, as you would need answers real quick, so we are here to provide you answer to your different questions. We have specialized private investigator services for both individuals and corporations. IQ has operatives with a vast range of skills who use top notch tech equipment for surveillance. We obtain all the evidence legally, which eventually uncover the absolute answers to all your questions. The Private investigator Melbourne always take action while maintaining confidentiality, effective communication and getting evidence with integrity.

You can consider our services as an opportunity to learn the truth that is hidden from you or the truth you deserve out of all the odds. If you have doubt on somebody and that is keeping you up even one night, then you ought to get the answers so that you can sleep comfortably after knowing the truth.

You ought to make decision of seeking the truth right now with IQ.

Let us get into depth, what are you going to get when you will hire Private investigator Melbourne:

  1. Confidentiality

You will not have to worry about confidentiality of your case, as it the top most concern of anybody who is getting a private investigator. The subject of your case will never find out that he is being investigated or somebody is behind him due to any reason. No matter what happens, we promise you full confidentiality. We will remain discreet and there is nothing that can ever bother you from our side.

  1. Learning the answers/truth

When you have a doubt on somebody and you feel that your trust has been broken, whether the relationship is personal or professional; you are going to get upset about it. Still you need to get the answers to all your doubts, so that you can move forward whether you find good or bad.

  1. Keeping your assets safe

It is a known fact that whenever somebody is in business, there is a lot of hard work behind building it and taking it to heights. You have to protect your assets, both intellectual and physical, which is quite important. If you are feeling that there is any harm to both these assets in your business then you should consider IQ Private Investigator Melbourne.

We guarantee you transparent services with professionalism of our stuff, moreover, we have a reputation of delivering the best possible investigating results in town.

Whenever you are considering some investigation firm, first and foremost thing you need to know is the reputation of the company. Do they provide complete evidence and credible results? Are they providing you with transparent and confidentiality of your case? Are they operating legally or they are doing their work illegally and are lurking like shadows, so their existence is known to the subject?

You should look for legally operating firm and it should be working ethically.

IQ possess a network of accredited and fully trained field operatives and Private investigators in Melbourne. We have providing quality and well respected outcomes for individuals and organizations throughout Melbourne.

The clients are pretty much satisfied with our transparent and legal investigation services and none of our clients filed a complaint so far. We are very pleased to tell you that clients trust us with their investigation cases and take our services as the most discreet and ethical services in town. With many years of experience we have best operatives who excel in getting all the evidence of the case even in sensitive matters either personal or professional.

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