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Risk Mitigation

Many businesses have security risks that they may not even be aware of our Risk Mitigation Services can identify those risks and provide you with solutions to making your business safer and more risk free.

What Our Risk Mitigation Service Does

As a risk mitigation service we come into your business either as paying customer or someone who just walks in off the street and see if we gain access to places that should be “off limits” to anyone who is not an employee. This may include supply rooms, on premise offices, and other areas.

Here are a few examples of what our risk mitigation
investigator will do.


Example One

We’ll come into a restaurant as a paying customer and then try and make our way into the kitchen area without anyone trying to stop us. We may even try to get into your walk-ins or supply rooms and see if anyone notices. If we do gain access we’ll even time how long we can remain without being discovered and may even try to leave the area with some of your supplies.

Example 2

Hotel maids often pick up room keys or cards that customers leave behind in their rooms and put them on their cleaning cart. The cart is then left unattended while the maid is cleaning another room, we will see if you gain access to any guest room or supply closet in your hotel without being noticed and see how long we can remain without discovery. Again we may help ourselves to supplies. We may even try to get a maid to let us in to someone’s occupied room without first checking to see if we belong in the room.

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Once we discover any security risks in your business you will write a report detailing those risks and give you cost effective solutions to reducing or eliminating those security risks so you won’t have to worry about losing property or jeopardizing the lives of your customers, guests, or employees.

Why Your Need Risk Mitigations Services?

Most businessmen simply don’t think like criminals. You simply may not be able to see a security risk unless you have all ready had a security problem. However, knowing what security risks your business is facing will help you eliminate those risks before anything bad happens that ends up costing a good deal of money or someone gets hurt.

While no agency can guarantee that they can make your business 100% safe we can promise that we can help you find and prevent a large portion of your security risks and help you to make your employees, customers, and property safer.

Remember it only takes one major event to earn a business the label of being “unsafe” and cost your business it’s future. However, even a handful of small security breaches can end up costing you money that can harm your bottom line and put you out of business. We here at Infoquest have dedicated ourselves helping businesses just like you maintain security and keep their hard earned profits. Give us a call at 1-300-575-728 or contact us through out website at www.infoquest.com.au

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