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Schoolies Security & Surveillance

The Schoolies holidays have become a rite of passage for graduates and is Bali becoming a popular destination for many teens who decide they want to partake. While it is understandable why Schoolies choose this tropical paradise for their holiday celebrations due it offering a wide range of activities for these recent graduates to enjoy. It also offers their first escape from their parents.

As a parent you want your child to feel free to celebrate their Schoolies holiday in Bali, but you also likely have some very legitimate concerns about their safety and well-being due to some of the less wholesome activities that occur during these trips

It is only natural for parents to worry about their child away in a foreign country – especially on a Bali Schoolies holiday which is known to get out control. While the excess drinking that occurs combined with the risk of violence and sexual assault is certainly a huge concern for most parents, an even bigger concern may be that their child may unknowingly break Indonesian law and be subject to harsh punishment, which can include the death penalty for minor drug offences.

Hiring a professional private investigator to conduct surveillance on your child and their ativities during Schoolies in Bali can relieve a parent’s mind while still allowing their child the freedom to enjoy their Schoolies holiday. Here at InfoQuest Private Investigations we offer Schoolies security and Schoolies Surveillance services in Bali.

Potential Dangers in Bali

The simple fact is that teens traveling to Bali for the Schoolies celebrations are often completely unaware of how acceptable behavior at home, may not be acceptable in Indonesia and how a seemingly small mistake can have major consequences. After all, they are still children. A lot of Schoolies also act up when they are on holiday, drinking much more and behaving in an excessive way that they wouldn’t even consider back home. The simple fact is that Indonesian laws are much tougher than many other countries and misdeeds that may get you a slap on the wrist in a country like Australia could earn you a prison, or death sentence in Bali.

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In addition, traditionally drinking is a large part of Schoolies holidays in Bali, but drinking in Bali, even in moderation, may not be as safe as teenagers think. Methanol-laced cocktails are sold right on the street, or within clubs to teens and there have been teenagers who gotten dangerously ill from just one beverage.

Schoolies participants are also more willing to meet and hook up with complete strangers whilst they are on holiday. While casual sex is relatively harmless back home, in Bali it can lead to deadly consequences.

Top that off with the fact that illegal drugs are offered everywhere in Bali and those who are tempted to partake can face a huge prison sentence if caught buying or using adds to the potential dangers of partying in this country.

What is Schoolies Security?

Our schoolies security in Bali means we actually have investigators in Bali that watch over the schoolies participants and their activities and make sure that your child safely enjoys their holiday. While we are not there to interfere with their activities, we will step in should a situation become unsafe for your child or if they are about to break some Indonesian law either purposely or accidentally. It is our duty to make sure that your child returns home safe and sound and we take that duty extremely seriously.

In addition, knowing that there is a professional there to monitor and keep them safe, Schoolies children are often reminded to the correct baselines of behaviour that they need to adhere to.

Schoolies security works in partnership with your children. They have an immediate contact direct on the group should they ever run into any trouble.

But what about if you need to secretly make sure your children are safe while they are on holiday and doing Schoolies in Bali? There is another option.

What is Schoolies Surveillance?

Schoolies surveillance in Bali offers all the same benefits of our security program, but we conduct a behind the scenes effort and only become actively involved should your child be about to conduct in seriously activities which might be detrimental to their safety.

During our surveillance operation you are provided with any footage taken of your children (upon request). This option is frequently used by many parents as it saves them having the awful “Why don’t you trust me” debate with their children. Parents get to keep their peace of mind and the children get to enjoy their solo holiday.

Our agents operate in plain clothes so to blend in with any and all situations over in Bali. We have operatives of varying age ranges, all with tier 1 level security and surveillance experience so you can be sure that your child is going to remain safe.

If you would like to speak with our team and book in your childs safety this Schoolies period then submit your details, email us at info@infoquest.com.au, or call our office on 1300 575 728.

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