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Are you an employer who needs an unblemished information concerning an employee, or you are an employee who needs to look before venturing into an organization or working for a particular employer?

Well, look no further; we are your answer! InfoQuest Private Investigators are here to provide that skilled set of eyes that will sieve out metadata which will prove valuable to you. We know that social media is coming to be a vast world on its own where hitherto hidden data about individuals lurk. We will conduct the social media investigations regarding potentially fraudulent acts or behaviors, data or identity theft, and established alibis.

what we offer

Pre-Employment Investigations:

Whether you are an employer or an employee, seeking pre-employment investigation is necessary to avoid future unwanted surprises at the workplace. InfoQuest Private Investigators are equipped with modern sophisticated analytic software which will monitor the world within social media and thereby help you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your employees and employers.

Dating Investigation:

Since we are an experienced private investigation company, we know that, more often than not, people could easily fall victim to abusive or traitorous partners. This is why our customer-oriented professionalism will drive us to give you that detailed data mapping and profiling of targeted subjects with the aim of preventing future unpleasant surprises.

Identification Checks

InfoQuest Private Investigators know that there are some people out there who wear false identity in order to steal or commit fraud or any other kinds of crimes. This is why we are highly skilled in our social media investigation in gathering intelligence of people so that any and every potential criminal will be unmasked.

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