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Thailand Spousal Investigations

Is your new Thai love interest back working with other customers?

Conducting investigative work and surveillance in Thailand requires experience and networking capability. InfoQuest International can provide these.

Before you invest in her, invest in yourself. Choose knowledge over ignorance.

Don't send money overseas unless you know for sure! Send us a message for a free confidential discussion and quote.

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best investigation company in australia

Thai Girlfriends

Is your Thai girlfriend or Wife causing problems for you? Is she Still engaging with customers? If she is in Thailand and you are not, and suspicious things keep happening, chances are there is a reason why. Find out the truth!

best investigation company in australia

Local Investigations

If your girlfriend or wife is in Thailand, chances are she might have a local boyfriend who you are also helping to support. you don’t deserve this deception. there are ways to find out for sure if you’re the one and only for her. 

best investigation company in australia

background checks

Is her mother really sick? Did her cow’s leg really fall off? before you send copious amounts of money overseas make sure you’re not being fool. sure, accidents happen. but you need to be sure. 

about infoquest

We are an Australian based investigations company who pride themselves on integrity, professionalism, discretion and efficiency. Our staff and contractors have a diverse set of skills and abilities, so whatever the need may be, we can assist. We are available 24/7 and specialize in factual investigations, surveillance, process serving, person locations and background checks.

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Distance is no longer a boundary for business. We can conduct consolations in persons, by phone, email or even by Skype.

We have specialist investigators located national who we have hand picked. We guarantee that you will be looked after professionally.


We provide no obligation quotes for all matters and we strive to complete all jobs within the specified budget. 

For most of our services we provided fixed price packages so you there will be no bill shock upon completion of the job.


In these types of sensitive matters we understand that you want no stone left un-turned. That’s why we only use the very best equipment and only employ the very best specialist investigators. 

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