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Who's Using Background Check Investigations?

You know that certain types of jobs and businesses require a background check on their employees for security or safety reasons, but you never thought that you would ever need or want a background check on someone in your own personal life.

But as it turns out there may be some very valid reasons why you would want and need a criminal history check on someone in your life. Here are just a few of the reasons why people hire professionals to conduct a criminal history check on someone in their life.

When Hiring A Caregiver for Your Child or Elderly Parent

hiring a caregiver
With so many incidents of nannies, babysitters, and other child care providers as well as in home help for the elderly appearing in the news for abusing their charges you can't be too safe when you hire someone to take care of your loved ones and therefore want to know as much about these people who will be spending time with your children or an elderly parent as possible. For some people that means having a record search of these individuals done in order to determine if they have ever been convicted or even accused of abusing someone in the past.

Someone You Are Dating

With so many people meeting people on the internet these days you often don't know anything about the person you agree to date other than what that person tells you.
This increases the risk of you dating someone who may have a criminal record and may even be dangerous. Sometimes after a few dates people begin seeing behaviors that make them uncomfortable so they may want to have a background check run to see if it is safe to stop seeing that person, or if they may need help to get out of the situation.
someone you are dating

Your Renting Your Home or Apartment

your home
When renting you home or apartment you want to not only be assured that your potential renter will treat your property well, but that they won't pose any risk to your neighbors or other renters. While references help,
if you have heard rumors that the potential renter has been dealing drugs, harassing young ladies in their last apartment building or exhibiting what may be an indication of criminal behavior.

Hiring An Employee for Your Business

If you are someone for your business who will be working with large sums of your money or sensitive information that may involve other employees or clients then you will want to make sure

that the person you are considering on hiring has a clean record and that there are no red flags as to their honesty.
hiring a employee

Should You Conduct Your Own Background Check?

contact your own background
With so many sites online that promises you that you can find out anything about anyone you may be tempted to save money and conduct your own background check. However, before conducting your own background checks there are a couple of times you need to keep in mind. First, most of these sites are not free. You will be expected to pay every time you check on a persons background. So using these sights may not save you as much money as you think.

While hiring a private investigator to do a criminal background check for you may cost
you a little bit of money there are some very clear benefits of hiring the services of a
professional private investigator or company. These benefits include:

  • You may get a free consultation, in which the private investigator can apprise you of the legality of the background check you want done and the reasons for the check. This means that you won't have to pay a single penny to find out that the background check you want done is not legal. And learning that the background check you intend is not legal can save you from breaking the law.
  • Professional investigators will do a more complete criminal history or other background check that you can do using those online sites. Not only can they find out if a person has a criminal record, but in many cases they can discover if a person has ever been charged with a crime even if the charges were later dropped.
criminal background check
  • A private investigator can find out if the person they are researching has used another name or an alias and changed their name to hide their crimes. (Online searches are limited to the name you know the person by.) They also can gain access of some records that you may not be able too get access to with those online background check sites.
Like every other company or agency some private investigator agencies are better than others. If you live in Australia and want the best private investigation agency around then you are going to want the services of InfoQuest Investigations. This company has highly trained and skilled private detectives that can provide you with any legal background orcriminal history check that you need to keep your property, family and neighborhood safe.
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