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For those who haven’t had luck finding relationships in-person, online dating may seem like a godsend. When previously your options were scarce, the internet suddenly allows limitless potential for who you can meet. The internet can be a valuable tool for finding love, but it’s also important to be aware of its risks.

Of course, what comes to mind for many when they think of online dating risks is catfishing. Catfishing refers to the practice of creating a fake online identity to entrap another person in an intimate relationship. The purpose for this deceit varies: it can be anything from trying to scam the victim financially, to simply toying with their emotions for sadistic gratification. It is unfortunately common, but it’s also not the only way to get burned online.

Even if you have reasonable proof that the person you’re involved with online is who they say they are, it does not mean that you are in the clear from being targeted by them financially, emotionally, or worse.

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Think of it this way: online communication acts as an excellent filter for letting through the good and holding back the bad. It is incredibly easy to paint a rosy portrait of yourself by only sharing the positive aspects you have. In the scenario of an online relationship, a person who seems wonderful may be sharing details that are true, but concealing vital red flags. The deception is not in what they tell you, it’s in what they don’t.

Ask yourself: would you want to date someone who has been charged with stalking their former partner? What about a person who has committed theft, or has a violent family history? Could he or she already be married? Though these extreme deal-breakers can also be concealed in local relationships, it’s not nearly as easy to get away with it as it is online.How a Preventative Investigation Can Protect Your. Child

If you’re involved in online dating, always be on the lookout. Before you commit to something serious—such as traveling to meet a partner for the first time or moving in together—be sure that you know the full story. If you suspect an online partner is holding something back, don’t hesitate to get professional help in uncovering the truth. InfoQuest Investigations is thorough, discreet, and can provide you with the peace of mind you need.

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