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With the technological advancement, social media has expanded its root in almost every direction. People are increasingly getting habitual to post their day-to-day updates on Facebook and Instagram and this is how such platforms are aiding in special investigations. A usual post made just a few months ago might act as a valuable insight for an investigation being carried out today. 

A typical social media investigation looks into the status updates and images of the individual on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You must already know these platforms as a communication channel.  Let us see how they channelize an investigation process. Cases for Which Social Media Investigation Is Used

  • Infidelity
    In most of the infidelity cases, social media acts as a key to establish the truth. Metadata further ease down the process as it can be used to locate two people in the same place at the same time. In the absence of social media, tracking of location becomes cumbersome.
  • Employment Checks
    It is an uphill task to an employee’s character on the basis of his workplace . Employment checks have become the need of the hour to verify if he/she has a past record of illegal behavior. Social media investigations is a brilliant way to establish the character of a prospective employee and keep away the rotten apples from the organisation.
  • Missing Complaints
    Social media status updates and posts contain enormous data regarding the location of an individual. This data can be put to use when a person goes missing. Sometimes, the real-time locations can also be tracked on these platforms.
  • False Compensation Claims
    Fraudulent activities and false claim in the work-spaces is not a new scenario. Many times a worker might claim a higher compensation for a minimal injury. In such instances, social media might be used by the investigators to track his activities during the period of injury. If they find him guilty of giving false accusations, they can prove that the injury is not as grave as stated by the claimant.

 How Has Social Media Benefited The Investigating Team?

  • Anonymity
    This comes as the biggest relief for any investigation team. In a social media investigation, information is extracted in a covert manner. This reduces the possible threat of an exposed identity which could have otherwise hindered the investigation process in a long run. With the social media tools, investigating professionals can dig up the maximum information about their subject, trace their locations, and build the required , without any risk of being spotted.
  • Save The Time For Something Bigger
    In the absence of social media, the investigation would be much more a . The investigation team has to solely rely on the assumptions which, in some cases, could be wrong. Social media platforms give a clearer picture of the person whom the team is looking for. It makes their work as for they can proceed in their investigation with a solid

  Basic Tools used In Social Media Investigation

  • Reverse Image Search
    An investigation team just has the image of the missing person and is not able to track any other information. In such a case, Reverse Image Search helps the team to see if the similar photo has been published anywhere on the social media including Facebook, Instagram, and other major platforms.
  • Facebook Graph Search
    This is the new feature of facebook which has further simplified the investigation process. Through this tool, one can search an individual’s profile by putting the combination of his known details in the Facebook search bar.
  • Spokeo
    So, now you can search for an individual’s profile without knowing his whereabouts but email-address. Spokeo search the top 60 sites to see if a particular email address has been used anywhere on the social media platform.

Certainly, social media platforms have opened the gateway for easier and quick investigations. It has become a tool for extracting information and putting it forward as the necessary evidence. Though, it has been established as a public platform for communication, using it for a right cause has upgraded its utility. If you need to conduct a thorough background check on an individual, for whatever the reasons, then contact the experts at InfoQuest Investigations today. Not only do they cover all the basis on social media, they can also check court records, business details, address history, associations, asset, bankruptcy and much, much more.

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