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How To Catch A Cheater

No one wants to believe that they are living or loving a cheating partner. After all you've invested time, effort, and love into your relationship and you have been loyal and trustworthy and have assumed that your partner has been too. But now you are beginning to see signs of cheating, just a few at first and then more and more. Your partner is spending more time on the phone out of your ear shot, they have become less affectionate and lost all interest in sex, they have even begun dressing better and wearing a new cologne or perfume. Efforts to ask your partner if they are seeing someone else are met with outright denial until you begin to wonder if you are going crazy or if you are married to cheating husband or cheating wife? Infidelity is an ugly word and the feelings it evokes are just as ugly as the word itself.

The doubt, the suspicions and the unanswered question why? This can drive you to do things you ordinarily would not do in order to find the answers you need. Here are some do and don'ts on how to catch a cheater.

Don't Break The Law

break the law
Most states have laws that protect the privacy of individuals even those individuals who of a cheating spouse, cheating boyfriend, or cheating girlfriend.

This may mean it is illegal for you to to put tracking devices on their vehicle, phone or computer. It's also is likely to be illegal to hack into their computer, phone or social media account. Keep in mind that just because a device is sold over the internet doesn't mean it is legal for you to use that device to violate someone's privacy. Before using any device, check with an expert to find out if doing so is legal.

Because we know that are times that the evidence we collect will be used in court we are scrupulous about making sure than any evidence we gather is done through legal and above board means. We also document all of the evidence we collect to ensure that there is little doubt about when and we where we collected that evidence.

Our sole motive as private investigators is to serve our clients to the best of our abilities and to provide them with best possible services we can provide. We don’t take short cuts or short change our clients in any way. And the simple truth is, that we can get the results our clients expect without using any illegal means.

cursory check

Do Make a Cursory Check of Their Phone

If your spouse has always given you access to their cell phone and then suddenly locked
their phone so you don’t have access then this should raise a red flag. It is also a red flag
if they start sleeping with it under their pillow or suddenly go into another room to take
phone calls.

browsing history

Do Check The Browsing History On the Family Computer

If you have one home computer that the entire family shares then you check the browsing history on that computer. A cheating partner may be visiting dating websites or may be deleting their browsing history all together.
bank account

Do Keep An Eye On Your Joint Bank Account

There a sudden spike in withdrawals from an ATM or charges on your credit or debit
cards for which your significant other cannot explain? Are they suddenly short of cash
right after getting paid?

Do Keep A Record of Changes In Behavior

Is your partner suddenly working late more often than ever before? Are they suddenly remembering they have to get gas and then are gone for couple of hours or more? Have they suddenly started working out at the gym, or spending more time away from home with their friends? Are your phone calls to them going unanswered or is it taking them an unreasonable amount of time to call you back?
While doing all of these things may alert you to the fact that there is a real problem in your relationship, they may not supply you with the definitive answer you are seeking. Keep in mind that there may be other reasons for these drastic changes in behavior such as your partner has an addiction, they are trying to deal with a family problem they don't want you to know about or there could be a dozen other reasons for the suspicions you have.
changes in behavior
partner is cheating
In addition, if your partner is cheating, they may be very good at hiding the crucial evidence of what they are doing. So if you have exhausted all your own resources and still feel you need answers to your questions then perhaps it time to consider hiring a professional investigator to get you the answers you need.

If you live in Australia then that means you may need the services of Infoquest Investigations.This is a private investigation company made up of trained and skilled experts that are professionals at doing surveillance and uncovering cheating spouses buried secrets.
Their investigators know how to carry out a discrete investigation so that no one but you and the private detective you are working with will know about your suspicions or the investigation. They know and understand that hiring a professional to find out if that loved one is cheating is a huge step for you and that divulging private matters regarding your personal relationship can be painful and embarrassing and will do their utmost to put you at ease and help you find the answers you need to make the necessary choices for your life and emotional health.
Our trained professionals will provide you with clear reports including pictures that will answer the question once and for all whether your spouse is cheating or not. As a bonus they will be able to provide you with evidence you can use in court should the need arise.
discrete investigation

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