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Private investigators are most well-known for their criminal law and family dispute related investigation services. This perception can unfortunately typecast investigators as someone to turn to only when something bad is happening. Investigation services are also useful when analyzing the possible financial benefits associated with certain activities such as investing or purchasing property. If you are considering investing in a new financial venture or real estate property, a financial investigator can help ensure that you receive your moneys’ worth and protect your finances from any bad deals or investment scams that can arise.

Why Hire a Financial Investigator

Investing in new property or other financial ventures is a common way that people can make a considerable profit without expending much effort to make a return. While common investments such as bonds or stocks offer marginal returns, larger investments can result in considerable profit margins. Those profits only materialize, however, if the investment opportunity is genuine and if the financial realities match the investor’s expectations. Many experienced investors have an intuitive understanding of how to value investments based on experience and industry knowledge, but many novice or amateur investments are unsure how to begin evaluating the risks of an investment opportunity.

A financial investigator can assist both novice and experienced investors determine whether an investment opportunity will bear fruit. By thoroughly researching the investment prospect and digging into the subject’s financial information, a financial private investigator can provide a client with better information or even uncover a scam.

The Financial Investigation Process

Financial investigation is a complex area of investigation services that involves reviewing available financial data and researching the investment opportunity itself as well as the principals who own the investment property. The first step in the financial investigation process is the initial client consultation. The investigator will discuss the investment with the client to learn more information about the investment and to establish goals for the investigation. At the initial client consultation, the client should come prepared with as much information about the investment as possible so that the financial investigator is aware of everything that the client knows. This includes any financial literature provided by the owners as well as information about how the client was approached about the investment and information about the owners of the investment property.

The investigator will then begin digging into the backgrounds of both the investment property and the investment owners. This could include a survey of public records, a title search, and could even include in-person interviews with either the owners of the investment or employees of the owner. Next, the investigator will synthesize the financial information provided to determine whether the claimed rates of return are reasonable based on the nature and value of the financial investment. If the investigator suspects that the investment may be a scam, the investigator may also employ the use of more classic investigation tactics such as impersonating a prospective investor to more directly engage with the owners of the investment.

Hiring a financial investigator before making a major investment decision can help you avoid investment scams and ensure that your hard-earned money is well-spent.  For additional information, contact an experienced private investigator for more details about financial investigation services.

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