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According to the Australian Federal Police, “More than 38,000 people are reported missing each year in Australia.” 

Anyone that has had a loved one go missing, is well aware of the feeling of desperation and desire to do something, ANYTHING, to find that person. Fortunately, there are a number of steps a person can take to locate missing loved ones. First and foremost, if you suspect that someone you care about has gone missing, report it to your local police as soon as possible. The police are definitely equipped to look for missing persons, but in what situation might some extra help be warranted?

Hire Private Investigator in Australia


The police are a great resource to help find missing people, but we have to admit that the police have other things to worry about, as well. The police handle everything from traffic citations to murder cases. This means that police agencies have to prioritise and decide where to put their most manpower regarding community safety. After all, are these police going to be more worried about a trail of armed burglaries, or about the adult that may or may not have simply been too busy to call his family?

That’s why, one of the biggest reasons to hire a private investigator is for the peace of mind that there is someone making your case their main priority. No one wants to wonder if their missing family member or friend was put on the back-burner.

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A private investigator, also, has significantly fewer cases than the police, so it is easier to balance the caseload. Not to mention, private investigators only take the cases they want.


Depending on circumstances, there are some reasons that the police may not be able to share information with you. Police officers are bound by the investigation, meaning that sometimes they cannot say what is going on because it might do more harm than good. Police, for instance, wouldn’t want a murderer to know they were onto them.

They, also, may want to withhold details because the only person that would know the some of the specifics of a situation would be someone who committed the crime.

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Furthermore, the police may have to keep quiet because during a trial, it is important that a jury decide guilt or innocence based on what is said during trial, and not because of what they may have read in a newspaper.

All of these well-intentioned police policies may, unfortunately, may leave a frantic and worried family without any updates, even though these updates could comfort them. A private investigator isn’t bound to investigation in the same way the police are because their investigation technique doesn’t have the ability to have law cases thrown out of court. This means that if there are updates to be had regarding your loved one, you’ll be given those updates. Some private investigators will give you updates on their progress on a specific time frame, like daily or weekly, regardless of if they’ve learned anything new.

It may also be important to note that people are allowed to stop talking to each other, or to “disappear” as it were. Sometimes, if the police find someone, and that person did not want to be found, the police are bound by the rights of those individuals. Ergo, if the police find someone that states they did not wish to be found, they have a duty to that person, and, unless authorized by the “missing” individual, cannot tell you anything except that they located that person safely. Private investigators do not share the same constraints.

Police Time Frame and Budget

Another sad fact of police investigations regarding missing persons is that the police have limited resources to continue the search. Eventually, if a person isn’t found, the police will determine that there isn’t reason, anymore, to continue searching, and the case will be considered “cold”.

This can happen because no new information has come to light in a while. Police, then, feel there are no more leads to follow, and therefore cannot justify continuing to put money into the search. This doesn’t mean they’ll never look again, necessarily, but they are no longer actively seeking information. They may consider information they happen across without the active search, though.

As aforementioned, the police have other cases to consider, that may need their attention, and they have to prioritise.

A private investigator will continue to investigate as long as you want them to, so long as they are paid for their duties. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, how many resources they’ve exhausted, or even if they think they can be found. So long as the investigator is contracted with you, they will actively keep searching. A private investigator is paid to make your case top priority.

Police Constraints

Police have to live by all sorts of rules and bylaws, just in their profession. For that reason, a police officer in search of a missing person can’t, necessarily, search anywhere. For instance, if a person has gone missing in a different state/territory/country, police in the area would have to ask permissions and ask for cooperation from other areas to look there. This brings back in all the problems with priorities, budget, time constraints, and manpower, only with a second entity!

Suddenly, the investigation requires cooperation between two entities that may have very little incentive to participate. If you were worried your local police station may not think of your missing loved one as a priority, just wait until you have to bring it to the attention of an entire other state/territory/country!

Fortunately, private investigators don’t have these constraints, either. Once again, the investigation of a private investigator doesn’t compromise the integrity of any potential cases in court. For this reason, if you have reason to believe your loved one is in, or has been in, a different place, a private investigator may be an invaluable resource.


Regardless of the reason your loved one is missing, it may be of great help to hire a private investigator to help in locating them.

Investigators have a lot of liberties that the police may not, and may be able to do more to make you feel that your dilemma is being looked into, and that someone is trying to help.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that someone is devoting their time and attention to locating your loved one, and not having to prioritise them with the rest of your community’s crises.

If you are looking for that peace of mind, please call our people at InfoQuest today. We can make your priority OUR priority.

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