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One of the main character in Act IV, Part II of Williams Shakespeare’s Henry VI popularly said, and I quote, “Let’s kill all the lawyers.” Many people think it means lawyers are not to be trusted because they are after money or that they are unethical or that they are corrupt. What the person was saying there is contrary to people’s interpretation of the statement. The statement was a suggestion by Dick the Butcher who is a follower of Jack Cade the Rebel. He suggested that if they first kill all the lawyers, maybe Jack can become the king.If you now examine the statement, you will get a better understanding that Shakespeare was portraying the legal practitioners positively in the eyes of everyone only because lawyers are saddled with the responsibility of instilling justice in the society. 

Collaborating Law Firms and Private Investigators

The relationship between lawyers and Private Investigators (PIs) cannot be over-emphasized. Due to the nature of their jobs, their collaborations together can bring better results. Although they are both highly trained and capable in their fields, working separately may not produce the desired results.  Legal firms and PI must depend on the competence of each other’s to be able to achieve a better result. They both need each other’s professionalism and skills. To say that legal firms and PIs shared a mutually beneficial relationship is not an overstatement. Highlighted in the paragraphs below are some of the benefits of outsourcing workflow to a private investigations company by legal firms • Questioning EyewitnessesWith the help of reports by law enforcement agencies (e.g., The Police), a PI will be able to use their expertise to locate all possible eyewitnesses in a case and interview each of them one after the other.

Because of strict laws by the Australian government on the right to personal information, a witness is not legally guaranteed to speak to answers any of the lawyers’ questions, but this can be achieved by the persuasive manner with which PIs interview witness and get the kind of information they want from them. • Tracing WitnessesIt is a common thing that the police and prosecutors sometimes seem to overlook possible witnesses in a case because the process is stressful and time-consuming. But a PI will search for additional witnesses and information that can expose more facts that are not known to the lawyer, police or prosecutor involved in such case. A PI not only locates witnesses but will also find relatives and close associates required in such case, for instance, a beneficiary to a deceased estate. • Conducting a Timeworn Analysis of Documented Statements

After taking statements from eyewitnesses, the documented or records, the information obtained from them has to be compared and contrasted against each other after which the recorded statements can be subjected to integrity test. A thorough inspection of the recorded statements helps discover errors and areas that can be exploited. PIs can have all the time to carry out this kind of job successfully. • Assets TracingPIs can help in tracing lost, invisible or stolen possessions on behalf of a lawyer for his/her clients. Assets tracing includes locating real estate possessions, antiques, vehicles, collectibles, artwork, jewellery, and other vital documents. They also help discover unlawful overseas and local bank accounts. The job of PIs also includes supervising trademark and academic property goods for forging and inappropriate diversion. •  Reviewing Crime ScenesThe evidence is the backbone of any investigation.

Proof can either make the case or destroy the case. Lawyers have come to discover inconsistencies in the report of some cases at varying levels. Their discrepancies make it very difficult to proceed in matters. A lawyer can outsource a PI to review a crime rather than relying on the reports from the police officer in charge of that case. Some professional PIs have been trained in police techniques. Therefore, they can visit crime scenes to make sketches, snap some photos with note-taking, tape surveillance videos and so on. Although might look unnecessary they are significant in revealing inconsistencies. •  Recovering Electronic EvidenceIn this jet age, checking the entries of a diary and correspondences may not give any clue about a case.

This day, private and confidential information are kept in password-protected file storage on a hard disk, or in the cloud. Expert PIs have specialized training in retrieving and securing any electronic documents including electronic mails, messages, and files that have been deleted. Outsourcing tedious and time-consuming tasks to a qualified expert Private Investigations Company give you more time in strengthening and developing your case from the eyes of the law. Locating witnesses, conducting statements and serving documents for a case might take an extended period from you as a legal firm but capitalizing on the expertise of a Private Investigation Company like InfoQuest helps lawyers do their job efficiently.

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