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There are many Farang/expats who are hiring private investigators to conduct surveillance and spot checks on the wives and girlfriends in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and even Malaysia in order to know for sure if their new-found lover isn’t still working behind a bar, engaging with other customers, or have another partner.

Many expats get caught in the trap of sending a lot of money back overseas to their girlfriends only to be taken advantage of. Did you know that you could be one of several ‘boyfriends’ sending money back to your girl? You’ve probably heard all of the horror stories from your friends, but you are sure your girl is different. You need to know this for sure.

Do you have a doubt that she is indulged in some less than loyal activities? Maybe she’s still working behind a bar and engaging with other customers. Maybe she has a local boyfriend she hasn’t told you about.

If you have returned home then you might be feeling helpless and the unknown might be playing on your mind. If this is the case, then you need to consider hiring a private investigator from InfoQuest Investigations to help you put your mind at ease.

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Private Investigators In South East Asia

You’re not the only one. The private investigators at InfoQuest Investigations have many clients just like you who want to make sure they’re not committing their all to a foreign lover who might be taking advantage of them. The costs of hiring a private investigator to conduct surveillance and spot checks internationally pales in compression to the potential losses caused by someone who doesn’t have your best interest at hear.

InfoQuest private investigators have specialist trained private investigators with a network of contacts is all SEA who excel at managing variety of tasks of different sizes, whether small or large, and these services are quite economical that anyone can use them. Regardless of your budget, the private investigators at InfoQuest Investigations can develop a plan that works towards your end goal – confirming you’re not being deceived.

Discreet and private services

Your assigned private investigator from InfoQuest will privately follow and watch the subject and will come up with the evidence (if any) to confirm or deny their claims. Your private investigator knows the local lands and has a variety of covert cameras which are suitable for all environments, such as bars, public transport and rural settings.

The services offered by InfoQuest private investigators will be conducted with absolute discretion. Your assigned private investigator will be performing lots of research and analysis so that he will be able to provide you with top notch investigation services. Moreover, there is a lot of undercover work done by private investigator so that accurate evidence can be gathered.

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InfoQuest private investigators know that their work is very sensitive in nature and as such, their private investigator treat all the matters very delicately and work accordingly so that all of your concerns and questions are addressed.

Identity will be kept private

Your identity as a client will be protected and you will not have to worry about the fact that the subject will know anything about your instructions or concerns regarding their background, history and current movements.

We will provide you with a private investigator with these qualities:

  • Non-judgmental
  • Positive attitude
  • Non-Bias
  • Understanding
  • Cooperativeness
  • Communication power
  • Non-arrogance
  • Specialist Investigation training
  • Gathering facts and make decisions accordingly
  • Proactive
  • Providing you with advice
  • An absolute professional

What are some of the scenarios the team at InfoQuest private investigators commonly encounter and are asked to investigate?

  • International background checks
  • Social media investigations
  • Investigating if a subject is working, or not working where they should be
  • Investigating if a subject has a local partner
  • Investigating if a subject is employed at bar
  • Investigating if a subject is engaging with customers
  • Investigating claims of ill family members and their need for charity
  • Investigative location services
  • Investigating claims of pregnancy
  • General peace of mind surveillance

If you want a private investigator to help you attain peace of mind then you need to contact the professionals at InfoQuest private investigators by clicking the contact link below for a free and confidential discussion regarding your specific and unique circumstances.

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