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real life prviate eyes nothing
like thoseon tv

We’ve all seen movies that features private eyes as the main character and yes, these make believed private detectives lead extremely exciting lives. Not only are all television private investigators either handsome or beautiful and are pursued by a number of men or women who want to engage them in a intimate personal relationship, they break into buildings to retrieve evidence, jump out of the bushes to stop a criminal (or take a photo of a cheating spouse) and run around shooting guns at all the bad guys.
In real life a private investigator is nothing like their TV counterparts. For the most part they are average looking people, who are dedicated to performing their jobs within the confines of law. In fact, they need to be more law abiding than the average citizen because they are more likely to be sued prosecuted if they break the law or put someone at risk.

A private detective's work life is anything but glamorous. While it can be interesting and helping people who need their help is rewarding it is often boring work since most detectives jobs require them to read through and endless number of documents, write reports on each and every case they work on and spend countless hours sitting in a car in all sorts of weather as well as spending time testifying in court, and talking with all sorts of different people from all walks of life.

What Real Private Eyes Do..

Here are just some of the activities or jobs that a private investigator may be involved in.

Assisting Attorney In Court Cases

Often times an attorney will hire a private investigator to assist them in building a civil case or defending a criminal case. In such cases the private detective may perform such duties as locating witnesses, document a crime or accident scene, and collecting other important information.
court cases

Business Fraud Cases

business fraud cases
If you run a business and suspect one of your employees of business fraud a private detective will conduct surveillance and document such actives as secret meetings with competitors, passing plans to the competition and other evidence so the business owner can take the employee to court or be reassured that no business fraud is taking place.
This increases the risk of you dating someone who may have a criminal record and may even be dangerous. Sometimes after a few dates people begin seeing behaviors that make them uncomfortable so they may want to have a background check run to see if it is safe to stop seeing that person, or if they may need help to get out of the situation.

Insurance Fraud or Worker's Comp Fraud

Many people claim to be seriously injured in car accident, slip and fall or a work accident and sue the insurance companies of the other driver, business or home owner or

workplace insurance for huge money settlements due to their claimed disability. A
private investigator works for the insurance company investigating the “injured” who is
too injured to work, but, yet goes surfacing, or spends hours playing basketball with
friends or engaging in other physical activities that prove their injury was non-existent or
less severe than they claim.

workers comp fraud

Counterfeit Merchandise Cases

merchandise cases
There are cases, especially now that sales over the internet has become common when people sell counterfeit merchandise selling fake items for good money. Many private eyes will pose as a buyer in order to document a specific seller or group of sellers selling these fake goods.

Locating Individuals

Private investigators don’t just locate people jumping bail, they also locate people for a number of other reasons including some happy reasons. Occasionally they will take on missing person cases where either the police don’t pursue or they have no more leads to follow. They also locate long-lost friends and family members people have lost touch with and individuals who are the receiptant of an inheritance.
In such cases private detectives normally make sure that the person seeking the missing person is not a stalker and once they find the missing individual they report that person is alive and well, but give no personal information (like phone number or address) of the found person without their permission.
locating individual

Workplace Internal Investigations

internal investigations

Cheating Partner

Most private detectives will gather evidence against cheating spouses (or prove that the party is not cheating) in cases where there has been no violence between the parties. This may include setting up Honey traps either in person or online.

Process Servers

In some cases people will go to great lengths to avoid being served with legal papers in such cases a private detective will use their skills to locate the person and then act as a process server.
cheating partner

Catfish Investigations

business fraud cases
The internet is a good place to make romantic and even business connections, however not everyone on the Net are who they say they are and these catfish often are scammers who want to part you from your money. Private investigators are now taking on catfish investigations so that you know that person you are communicating with online is who they claim to be.
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Social Media Investigations

With people posting anything and everything on social media these days employers need to careful of who they hire and what any prospective employee has posted online. Any Prospective employee that has posted racial slurs, admissions of criminal behavior or other types of behavior that may reflect badly on your business or actually cost you business.
Employees too may want to know about the company they are thinking of working for. They want to be assured that the company or business is completely above board and treats their customs, clients and employees fairly and ethically. A private detective can find out what you need to know about social media posts for both employers and employees.
social investigations

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