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You may or may not realise that hidden cameras, or surveillance cameras are placed almost everywhere; from traffic lights, shops and even business offices. Your activities might be getting recorded whenever you are at any public place and those cameras are not always visible easily. Technology has advanced far enough to create unbelievably small devices which can be hidden very easily (even in the tip of of a screw). These spy cameras range from very low to high cost and can be installed almost everywhere. So, the question arises, “is the installation of these cameras is legal?”

Yes. It is legal to install the cameras, but you can only install them in a public place, or a place of your private residence/place of business. The obvious exception here is that it is illegal when installed at bathrooms and changing rooms. We know that hidden cameras are used for surveillance in legal and accountable ways to prevent probable crimes and ensuring safety, but, what if someone did have the intention of installing a hidden camera in hotel room, bathroom, changing room or your private place of residence? How can we detect it? Here are few simple and effective ways to detect a spy camera. https://www.infoquest.com.au/factual-circumstance-investigations/

1.    Examine the environment cautiously

Whenever you enter your hotel room, bathroom or changing room of a store, scan the place carefully. Examine every inch of the place in order to spot the hidden camera. Check the things like books, wall decors, electrical switch boards, flower pots, soft toys, cushions, shelves, etc. Don’t overlook outdoor surroundings. Check the house shrubs, door holes. If you find suspicious lights, lenses, or wiring they can be sign of a hidden camera.  Also try to hear a noiseless tinkle while walking through the room as it indicates a spy camera in operation.

2.    Switch off the lights

Another way of detecting a hidden camera without using a detector is by turning off the lights. This way, you can find out whether a night vision security camera is installed in your room. Most of the time, green or red LEDs are installed in these cameras and they blink when there is no or low light in the room. This is the best way to detect spy cameras, whether they are wired or wireless.

3.    Make use of your mobile phone or tablet 

You can check if there is a hidden camera in in your bathroom and other places by using your handheld device, i.e. your mobile phone. Simply make a phone call. If there is a hidden surveillance device nearby it will give off radio frequency which interferes with mobile signals. Walk around the room with call and if you come across any interference, stop at that place and search carefully for a surveillance device. There are also many apps you can also install to detect spy cameras.

4.    Scan the mirrors in the room

You might have heard about cases in which hidden cameras were placed in mirrors of bathrooms. These cameras are installed in such way that, one side of the mirror is transparent while the other appears as normal mirror. An effective tip to find out whether the mirror in the room is two-way is to simply put your fingertip on the mirror and observe carefully. If you find the gap between the finger and its image in the mirror, then the mirror is normal one, but if they both appear touching each other, then be alert. There is likely a hidden camera in the mirror.  These are few tips for detecting the hidden camera in private places. Make use of them and prevent yourself from unwanted incidents.   There are many useful and legal reasoning for using a spy camera, almost as many illegal reasons to use one. If you need to purchase any equipment to to detect spy gear, or need spy gear for your own legal purposes then visit InfoQuest. There you will find all of the best surveillance and counter-surveillance gear all used and tested by their very own investigators. They can also offer any profession assistance relating to these matters.  www.infoquest.online/shop. www.infoquest.com.au

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