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Skip tracing is the process of locating an individual who has deliberately gone missing. In this method, an investigator tries to gather the information about the subject such as his contact details, address, and location. In a skip tracing case, the subject doesn’t want to be found. This could be due to a variety of reasons including the debt issues or legal proceedings. The main aim of investigators in such type of cases is to trace the location of the subject. For this purpose, they try to obtain maximum information about them. The typical sources through which the information is collected includes credit reports, Utility bills, drivers license, criminal background check and travel records.


Skip tracing is gaining wide popularity because of the quick and accurate results it renders. Along with the general public, many financial institutions are also utilizing this method to locate the individuals who have not paid their debt.

Benefits Of Skip Tracing

Modern Techniques – With the fast development of technology, investigation processes are getting easier. Unlike the old methods which consumed a lot of time and effort, the modern skip tracing techniques are more authentic and accurate. It is not based on trial and error method and hence, you can cut down on the cost as well. Anonymity – With the increased activity on social media channels and professional websites, investigators can get a lot of information without running the risk of being spotted. Hence, modern tools of skip tracing also maintain the anonymity of the investigators. Greater Sources For Data Collection – Now the sources which are used to track the location of a missing individual is not limited. Investigators can make use of wide range of sources such as electronic directory, professional websites, and internet search engines. A combination of multiple information sources not only assures the authenticity of the data but also speeds up the investigation process.

Who Can Benefit From Skip Tracing?

 Skip tracing technique can be used by anyone. However, it is more commonly used by certain businesses. Many times a debtor goes missing due to his incapability to pay a debt, such as a phone bill, telephone/internet account, legal fees and much more. In such cases, banks or lenders may use the skip-tracing services to locate the debtors. Lawyers use this technique to locate the witnesses who have changed their contact numbers. This method is also highly beneficial for landlords who need to locate previous tenants who may have left behind a substantial debt. Landlords and rental agencies can appoint a skilled skip tracer to locate such individuals and collect the debt. In addition to this, they can also use it as a method to track the activities of a prospective tenant.

Skip tracing has emerged as an invaluable source of information. It has altered many complicated processes into a simpler one. With the use of new technologies and efficient methods, it has certainly supported many businesses and firms in locating the debtors. Hence, if you are also struggling to locate a missing individual, a skilled skip-tracer can be a perfect solution to your problem. If you want the very best, contact the people at InfoQuest Investigations today.

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