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Are you having any challenges tracking down outstanding accounts? How effective do you think your methods of collecting money from a debtor are without losing your precious time? Are you even sure where to start from if you are unable to reach the debtor by phone? If you need answers to these and other questions on skip tracing and debt collection, then this article will give you the right answers. The process of tracking down individuals with debt records whose contact information is no longer accurate or complete is known as skip tracing. Trying to collect debts from a client with incorrect contact details can be somewhat frustrating. Using skip tracing techniques to locate debtors and collecting debts involves a lot of procedures.

Skip tracing debtors in a bid to collect all outstanding debts involves several procedures. Some of these processes include locating the debtor by inspecting phone books, utilising online databases, conducting property register searches, conducting business searches, speaking with known associations, making contact inquiries as well as various other tasks.   Most times, having access to this information requires some financial obligation. And the best way to carry out this mission is to employ an Australian Private Investigative Company (PIC) such as InfoQuest Investigations (IQ) who can help you find such debtor and possibly collect the money back on your behalf for you or your client. As at the time of credit application, some of the information that has been submitted by the borrower include the following; full name, contact address, telephone numbers both (mobile and home), workplace name and address, referees to contact in case of breaking the terms of the credit application among others information.

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All these are handed over to the PIC who then use that to search the new address of the debtor, new contact numbers, a new place of work and so on. Also, when carrying out the skip tracing of the debtor, names, addresses and phone numbers of relatives, friends and possible neighbours can be of great help to the PIC in skip tracing the debtor.  Why you should Employ a Private Investigation Company for Skip-Tracing Debtors and Debt Collection? Skip tracing is a time-consuming, it will take an extended period of time to track down your debtors. Instead of bothering your employees with this tedious work, the best option for you to employ a professional Private Investigator to do the skip tracing on your behalf. The time your employee will use for the skip tracing, and debt collection can be used more rewarding activities of your company.  Another benefit of employing skip tracing and debt collection for you is cost reduction.  Being able to access personal information beyond phone book can be expensive. Outsourcing the job a private investigation firm can save you a significant amount of money. Companies like IQ already have access to all the paid databases and offer fixed price packages so that you will always know what you’ll be paying.  On a final note, employing the services of a company like InfoQuest Investigations to skip trace debtors and collecting debts is a proactive step you can take. One because of its cost-effectiveness, professionalism involved, reliability, reduction in write-offs, and ultimately your protection from any fallout. If you would like help in tracking down a person who owes you money, contact InfoQuest Investigations today.

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