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Lost someone’s contact information? Has a person who owes you money left town? Want to track down a person of interest, like a witness to a motor vehicle accident? A professional skip tracer may be able to help you.

Skip tracing is a debt collection, bail bonds and fugitive recovery industry term for tracking down someone who has “skipped” town and run off. The tactic is commonly employed by professional investigators to track fugitives, but it has also found a niche in the debt collector and legal services world to locate persons of interest such as debtors or missing persons.

How Does Skip Tracing Work?

Skip tracing is a unique form of sleuthing that involves following the physical and digital breadcrumbs that any person of interest drops during their daily lives. In today’s modern society, it is almost impossible to live completely outside of society, and any interaction with other people can leave a trail to follow.

A skip trace investigator utilizes both public and private databases as well as in-person investigation to collect information about a person of interest’s whereabouts. The information gathered generally includes:

  • Criminal background checks and courthouse records;

  • Public tax records;

  • Land transaction records;

  • Driver’s license and vehicle registration records;

  • Phone number and mobile phone tracking data bases;

  • Job applications;

  • Credit reports;

  • Credit card applications;

  • Loan applications; and

  • Utility bills.

Once this information is collected, it is then synthesized into a profile that can either definitively locate a person of interest or determine where he or she might be. Once the skip trace investigator finds a location for the person of interest, the skip tracer will then make inquiries in the area to local police, restaurants, bars, or other individuals that may know the person of interest to gather additional information.

Eventually, the skip tracer will compile a list of one or more addresses and current phone numbers or email addresses and either conduct surveillance on those locations or attempt to make contact to confirm the person of interest’s location.

Using Skip Tracing to Find Lost Individuals

Skip tracing effectively tracks down persons of interest. It is one of the first methods that any private investigator will utilize to search for a person and has a high rate of success. Skip tracing can be used to track down the contact information for debtors, missing persons, and any other individual that you may need to get in contact with. Generally, a skip trace investigator will be able to help you locate a person of interest’s address, place of work, current phone number, and current email addresses.

Remember: this process was invented to search for fugitives and people who did not want to be found. Most ordinary persons of interest are not trying to hide and are relatively easy to locate with access to the right tools and databases. If you need to locate a person of interest, InfoQuest Investigations can assist in your search. Call our offices to arrange a consultation regarding our services. We value your privacy, and all inquiries will remain confidential.

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