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Nothing creates more conflict than rumors and conjecture. When the sources of information are not wholly reliable that is when people get hurt. As bad as that is publicly and professionally it can have a much quieter, yet devastating, impact on someone’s personal life.

Looking at any type of news lately has been proof positive that facts are not what the public base their opinions on. Emotions and popular opinion reign supreme in today’s world. In the legal world, facts must outweigh emotion.

Facts and Divorce

Sometimes a divorce happens because two people have lived with each other long enough to realize it is over. This is sad, but it is simple for a divorce attorney. Kind of. If there are assets at stake, even the most amicable divorce can take a long time.

Factual Investigation in Divorce

There are many relationships that end due to infidelity and nothing makes emotions run hotter than betrayal. A good investigative team is a petitioner’s best asset in these cases. Being able to trace back financial transactions during an affair as evidence can almost certainly guarantee a finding in your favor.

Whether cheating or apathy is the cause, assets can certainly bring out the demons in us. The obvious assets can certainly be bones of contentions. If one party has taken the measures to hide financial assets, an investigative team looking for them can make the decision swing in the right direction.

Who can you trust?

You can trust a skilled investigative firm like Ramsey Investigation Services to handle everything. With a team of skilled and caring associates handling the investigation side of things, you can focus on speaking with your divorce attorney to ensure that you get a fair trade for the years that you invested in your marriage.

A divorce may not be because of some hurt caused to one by another, but it can cause hurt if handled improperly and emotionally.

Contact us and let us protect you.

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