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Have you ever thought of checking someone out for personal or legal reasons? Then you are in need of professional private investigation services. Private investigation services (or PI as they are commonly called) are qualified inquiry agencies who can be hired by individuals or groups to undertake investigations on their behalf. These investigations are often related to civil and criminal cases but may also include background checks, police checks, and intelligence services. Private investigation agencies are able to carry out these requests through a dedicated network of licensed private investigators who are able to access databases and aggregators that the general public cannot.

After collecting intelligence from different sources, PI agencies analyze and summarizes it into a fully comprehensive and actionable ‘Intelligence Report’ for their clients. Intelligence reports are important because they present all the relevant data gotten from various sources in a detailed form that is easy to understand. This saves the clients from having to go through hours and hours of seemingly random information, displaying only relevant data. A comprehensive intelligence report includes a thorough record and background check and an analysis of historical and current issues relating to the candidate or business being researched. Intelligence reports from private investigation agencies usually provide more information than you would find on a basic National Police Check. They play the essential role of presenting facts that can help clients make important decisions.


What is Included in an Intelligence Report?

The contents of an Intelligence report depends on the type of intelligence it contains and varies from case to case. A typical premarital screening intelligence report may contain a national background check, a police or criminal court listing check and a social media check. While a criminal or civil liability intelligence report will go into more detail about the candidate’s prior arrests, court appearances, convictions, drug charges, DUI charges, and sex-related charges. Corporate intelligence reports usually include information about companies, their staff, competitors, directors, finance, future plans, hidden deals, and mergers or acquisitions.

However, the data on an intelligence report has to be procured legally or it may not be admissible in court or in various legal situations. This makes creating a report more difficult as investigators often have to collect their data in a discreet and covert manner. In addition to the information they gather, private investigation agencies also include their analysis and recommendations on how to proceed with the case. For this reason, most professional PI agencies have recruited their own special intelligence teams which include skilled legal and financial analysts. This ensures that the intelligence reports their clients receive are an accurate representation of all the facts.

Outsourcing: Collaborating Law Firms and Private Investigators

How is Information on an Intelligence Report Gathered?

Private investigation services are able to gain useful intelligence about individuals, and companies through a network of trusted associates. This information gathering is done discreetly and the person or persons being investigated often times does not have any idea that they are being investigated. Sources of intelligence report data include:

  • Open Sources including national background checks, police checks, and criminal history checks.
  • Online Sources/Cyberspace including browser history checks, social-media checks, e-mail and document checks.
  • Financial Transactions including insurance checks, premarital screening, income and employment checks.
  • Groundwork including taking photographs, asking questions and surveillance.

Virtual Affairs: Be Your Own Greatest Ally Against Deception

When do I Need an Intelligence Report?

Intelligence reports that include in-depth background checks, police checks and criminal history checks are invaluable when our clients have to make informed decisions whether personal or in business. We live in a world where trust cannot be taken for granted and our intelligence reports provide peace of mind and a detailed assessment of any possible risks. Intelligence reports are used in the following cases:

  • Premarital screening
  • Identity theft
  • Surveillance
  • Corporate intelligence
  • Pre-employment verification
  • Criminal and civil liability cases

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