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The process of collecting on paper evidences and recording of voice proofs is referred as factual investigations. It is an important part of investigations and involves communication with people in order to get desired information. People are interviewed, their statements are recorded, or affidavits are taken. Evidence is then preserved for further necessary actions.  

What is a Factual Investigation?

Overall the complete process to investigate, collect information, finding evidence and building a case for legal proceedings or disciplinary tribunals.  Factual Investigations, when presented in the court are heavily scrutinized by prosecution, defense and a judge along with a jury when necessary. A competent investigator will make sure all the boxes are ticked when this cross-examination process takes place.   There are a few different types of factual investigations, such as; Workers compensation

These investigations are started as soon as possible after the incident (but can also take place years later). Conducting these investigations as soon as possible has the benefit of memories remaining current and limiting the likelihood of evidence being tampered with. These investigations help in detecting fraud. Defense

This type of factual investigations is launched when there is doubt about the person charged with an offence and clarity is sought regarding if the subject is an offender, or if there are some shortcomings within police investigations. By considering the allegations of the prosecution, investigations are done to find evidence to oppose the allegations. It may also involve the verification of actions taken by the police. Child custody and Property Matters After Divorce.

Factual Investigation Services in Australia

Many divorce cases have child custody and/or property settlement issues related to it. Therefore, the factual investigations for a divorce case involves the collection of affidavits to accompany the declaration that the circumstances or financial and family situations transpired. In divorce cases, factual investigations also focus on events before the actual separation.  The custody of the child is an emotional issue and hence close friends and relatives are interviewed to know the facts.
Civil Disputes

It is again a dissection of allegations and finding of evidence. When individual parties have a civil dispute, a factual investigator will help a party gather evidence to support their argument. This may be the process of locating and interviewing witnesses or even conducting discreet inquiries with neighbors.

Accident factual investigations can take place immediately after the accident, or after several years depending on the relevant states CTP matter backlog. Accident factual investigations generally have the purpose of determining who is at fault of an accident, but can also include severity of damages, injuries and post capabilities.  Factual investigation is an important chapter of administrative, criminal and civil proceedings in front of the court. It is a procedure to showcase evidence in court to substantiate claims made by all parties. Private investigators can perform all the above investigations and collect the evidence required to make your case strong before the court. The leading private investigators for factual investigations are InfoQuest Investigations. If you need a factual investigator, then contact them today for an obligation free quote.

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