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With the growth and expansion of social media and its dynamic involvement in our human lives, Social media has often been termed as a ‘necessary evil’. And, this couldn’t be any truer than it is today when social media platforms have started being of critical significance during investigations. Often used by private investigators, investigation companies, and even the police force, social media investigations provide an insight into an individual’s life and habits. 

What are some of the social media sites that can be used for investigation?

Some of the common websites that are used for social media investigations are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr

 What kind of help can Social Media Investigations render?

Social media investigations can be used for almost any substantial case these days, especially cases where information is required about a person’s life, his habits, character, and associates.

  • Missing Complaints: If a person has been reported missing, investigators can use the data from their social media accounts to gather their last known whereabouts or their day-to-day patterns. Sometimes, an investigators can also obtain real-time data for the person concerned.
  • False compensation claims by employee: A company can seek assistance of an investigation company to track an employee’s whereabouts, especially in a situation where they have submitted an injury claim. Investigators can track the person’s whereabouts and activities during the period of injury and conclude if the claim submitted is actual or irrelevant.
  • Infidelity cases: One of the most common scenarios where social media investigations have been proven to provide substantial proof are infidelity cases. Tracking of metadata can further establish if two people were at the same location as the same time.
  • Character checks: Almost every established firm these days believes in performing background checks and given that a majority of the world’s population is so active on social media, it is easy to track past behavior, activities, known associates, and lifestyle of a person.

 What are the benefits of Social Media Investigation?

There are several advantages of social media investigations that can help a firm, individual, or a court case to reach its target conclusion. Some of those are:

  • The ability to track an individual’s location metadata in cases of debt-skipping, missing person, lost child, and even runaway family members.
  • Investigating professionals can dig up as much information as is possible without being spotted or tracked.
  • Instead of relying on assumptions and uncertain physical proof, investigators can use facts (photos, videos, location) obtained from social media platformed to make their case.
  • In serious injury or burn-victim cases, social media can help produce past photos which can reveal visible marks that can be used to identify the victim.

With every technological advancement, social media is becoming a very powerful tool that can be used not only to stay connected with the world but also to reduce overall crime rate in the world.

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