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An online honey trap is a technique used by private investigators to assist in infidelity investigations. Clients are now contacting private investigators to contact their spouse on social media to see just how loyal they are.  Online honey trap services are now in high demand due to the significantly lower cost in relation to other honey trap scenarios – whereby a honey trap is a physical person who will approach the subject.

Unlike physical honey trap setups, an online honey trap can be created and targeted in very specific manner. When private investigators consult with their clients about online honey trap services, they will ask following questions –

What is an Online Honey Trap?

Online Honey Traps vs Physical Honey Traps

  • Which social media platforms does your spouse regularly use?
  • When is your spouse most active on social media?
  • What are the physical attributes your spouse is attracted to?
  • What sort of personality is your spouse attracted to?
  • Does your spouse have a history of infidelity?

The information gathered through this line of questioning will aide in the creation of setting up the most reliable social media profile for the purposes of setting up an online honey trap. The aim of this process is to create a profile that the subject is most likely to respond to.

Depending on the specific person involved, private investigators have variety of methods and techniques they can implement to try and get a response. It is never advised to start a conversation with flirtatious remarks straight away and any skilled private investigator will be able to build a rapport with the subject before making any advances.

In an online honey trap scenario all communication is recorded and provided to the client. Once the eventual flirtations and remarks are made the client will be able to see straight immediately how their spouse is responding.

The types of clients who generally employ private investigators to undertake an online honey trap investigation are those who have early minor suspicions and doubts. Whilst surveillance and physical honey trap setups can cost thousands an online honey trap can be conducted much cheaper and can be completed much quicker.

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