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Skip tracing is the phrase used to describe the process of locating the where about of an individual whom is missing from his or her residence. The phrase divided in two words in which skip is the person who is being searched and tracing is the process of searching or locating.  This process is used mainly by recovery agents, loan collectors, private investigators and sometimes by journalists also, but this task is usually accomplished by a skilled professional called skip tracer, who has the expertise in this procedure. 

The process of skip tracing

The process of skip tracing involves the gathering of all information related to the person who is in hiding. All the information gathered by the skip tracer is then examined, tested for validity and utilized to locate the individual. The information which is analysed can be a lot, or a little. This may have many benefits as well as many disadvantages attached. In present times, almost all the skip tracers use the internet and various databases to find the location of the person in question, but the very best skip traces set themselves ahead from the rest by not fearing the telephone. The best skip traces don’t rely solely on the internet or databases, they will speak with neighbours, friends, families and whoever else they believe may have useful information. The skip tracer’s duty is to go through various methods and resource points to accumulate information. There are many things which analyse, such as:

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  • Phone details
  • Banking applications
  • Court records
  • Job applications
  • References listed on applications
  • Taxation details
  • Travel records
  • Driver’s license

How can you conduct the basics of skip tracing yourself?

If you want to try and locate your own debtor, it is not mandatory for you to take formal training, but he or she must learn about the rules, regulations and laws of their jurisdiction related to observation and privacy tied in with skip tracing and debt collection. Many investigating firms and debt collecting departments provide on job training to their employees appointed as skip tracers. The mandatory skills for gaining success in this field are computer proficiency and moderate working knowledge of handling databases. Expertise in communicating with people is also a significant skill to have. There are online tools available which can be accessed for free and can provide a wealth of knowledge. Some of these include;

  • Australian Business Register
  • State specific licencing boards
  • Social media websites
  • Google, Bing, Yahoo search
  • Reverse Australia

It is essential to make sure that while tracking the subject, you have used all the possible name variations. It is also important to read through all the supplied information within a contract. If references have been provided these can hold valuable information. It’s a challenging task to conduct an effective skip trace. However, with so many tools, one can simplify the process of skip tracing. The main reason banks, debt collection companies, insurance agencies and law firms outsource their skip trace work is because they simple don’t have access to the required expertise and knowledge that a professional skip tracer has. InfoQuest Investigations are the forefront of skip trace investigations. They employ only the most efficient skip trace artists, are cost effective, have national and international reach and for most matters offer a turn around within 48 hours. They also boast a successful locate rate of approximately 94%. If you have tried your best to locate a debtor but have been unsuccessful contact the professional skip trace experts at InfoQuest Investigations today. (click here)

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